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The base of this handcrafted vessel is birch and a walnut feature ring.   It features a screw-on Redheart top.  This vessel is suitable for small pets (up to ten pounds) or as a token urn.  


Dimensions:  6” W 2 ½” H Base 2” top



Unless otherwise noted, all lidded vessels/urns has an oil (either Tung, Linseed, or Walnut), Shellac, and wax finish.  This brings out the natural beauty of the wood and provides ease of care.  


All dimensions are approximate.  Wood swells and contracts throughout the year depending on temperature and humidity.  While wood used for screw-on tops is stabilized to minimize seasonal movement, pressure fitted tops can fit tightly or loosely depending on conditions.  We recommend gluing the top (with a couple of drops of CA super glue) if you wish to ensure a top fitting cap that will not lift off easily regardless of the time of the year.  While  we do not recommend using the top as a handle, we realize that admirers often and inadvertently do just that. 

Birch Lidded Vessel/ Urn

SKU: LVU1020